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More than a prep school

High School Basketball Prep Program

V3 Prep Academy fosters an atmosphere where Student-Athletes can thrive both academically and athletically. Our institution is dedicated to nurturing excellence in both domains, providing a structured college-preparatory curriculum that is enriched by our education partner and supported by our dedicated in-person education staff.

Post Graduate Basketball Prep Program

V3 Prep Academy creates an enriching atmosphere for Post-Graduate Student-Athletes, fostering their academic and athletic excellence with a primary focus on elevating each player's recruitment prospects and securing their college placement.

Periodized Training Model

We offer student‐athletes a periodized program that includes performance training, fundamental and/or advanced skill development, social emotional and mental training, along with an Individual Performance Plan (IPP) and rigorous team practices.

Comprehensive Development at V3 Prep Academy: A Premier Basketball Prep School

At V3 Preparatory Academy, our Basketball Prep School program is built on the foundation of holistic development for our student-athletes. We are dedicated to fostering a winning environment and shaping well-rounded basketball players who can excel at the next level, regardless of the system they join. Guided by the four pillars outlined in the Gold Medal Profile, we prioritize athlete development. Every aspect of our practices, including practice activities, is meticulously designed and implemented with these four pillars in mind. Through small-sided games, we focus on enhancing our athletes' physical performance, preparing their bodies for the day's practice while promoting enjoyable gameplay that encourages communication and emotional engagement. Additionally, our warm-up activities and drills are strategically crafted to challenge our athletes both physically and mentally, requiring quick thinking and critical decision-making on their part. We incorporate basketball-specific activities to kickstart the day's skill development, whether it involves introducing, acquiring, consolidating, or refining skills. Finally, the warm-up concludes with a dynamic stretching portion led by the players themselves, encouraging their autonomy and active participation. Our Basketball Prep School, is committed to the comprehensive growth of our student-athletes, prioritizing their development in all aspects of the game and beyond. This enables them to not only become elite athletes but productive members of our society contributing in a positive manner.

Physical Performance & Health

  • Maintaining and increasing functional movement capacity
  • Maintaining and repairing our athletes’ bodies.
  • Building physical work capacity

Mental Development

  • Learned self-awareness.
  • Situational connectivity and composure
  • Critical thinking under pressure
  • Social Emotional Development

    • Enjoyable training and competitive surroundings
    • Self-confidence, grit, and resilience

    Basketball Specific Skill Acquisition

    • Acquiring advanced basketball skills
    • Understanding and implementing basketball concepts & decision making
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