Prep Basketball Academy Academics



At V3 Preparatory Academy academic excellence is at the forefront of our mission. Not only are we concerned with preparing our student-athlete for life in collegiate basketball program but also the rigors of university level academia.

Academic Excellence at V3 Prep

V3 is a Prep Basketball Academy designed specifically for student-athletes who are part of our teams. Therefore, there are no outside distractions on campus. Each team has dedicated academic support staff assigned to them and attend classes each morning prior to lunch, followed by our daily training regimen.

V3 Preparatory Academy Academic ClassroomThis means that our classes are small in size, allowing us to provide personalized and meaningful academic support. Our dedicated academic support team works closely with our student-athletes to assist them with their coursework, which is facilitated through our partnership with one of the top private schools in Canada. With over 40 years of experience, our partner offers a Ministry of Education and NCAA-approved curriculum, providing our student-athletes the opportunity to pursue their studies comfortably while participating in our rigorous basketball programs.

Self-paced Academic Approach

Our students follow a self-paced learning approach within a 4-term system known as Quadmester. Each morning, they engage in two classes per Quadmester, with each class providing 2 hours of instruction. This schedule is followed five days a week. During the competitive season, our students have the flexibility to adapt their class schedule and workload to meet their individual needs when they are involved in sporting events.

At V3, we understand and appreciate that everyone learns differently. We actively embrace the diversity in learning approaches among our students. Our goal is to identify each student’s unique learning style so that our academic support team can provide them with customized strategies and techniques to improve their organization and study habits. By catering to each student’s individual learning type, we ensure an exceptional and personalized learning experience that leads to the best possible academic outcomes.

Key Benefits of our Education Partnership

Each of our student-athletes benefit from our education partner’s years of experience with educating high-performance athletes.

Students will benefit from:

  •  Over 40 years’ experience in the development of education solutions.
  • Organizational understanding of the unique needs of elite student-athletes.
  • Leading academic development opportunities for student-athletes.
  • Integrated NCAA/OSSD curriculum for increased scholarship opportunities in USA and Canada.
  • Flexibility embedded in program design.
  • Qualified Ontario teachers.
  • Implementation of the latest, leading Learning Management and Student Information Systems.
  • Intuitive interface stressing ease of use and simple platform adoption.
  • Implementation of Web 2.0 design engaging students through experiential content creation.
  • University acceptance and scholarship opportunities into leading Canadian and American institutions.
  • Ongoing internal evaluations stressing quality assurance and positive student outcomes.