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Online Application for Admissions

Welcome to the V3 Preparatory Academy Online Application for Admissions, Academic and Athletic Scholarships.  Please follow the steps below to apply. If you don’t have all the necessary information, you can return to the application at anytime. By completing this application form you will not only be applying for admissions to our school but also for any available Academic and/or Athletic scholarship money to help subsidize the cost of attending V3 Preparatory Academy.

Click “Next” on this page, and enter the information requested by the form. Please note: Required fields are marked with an asterisk and V3 Preparatory Academy will receive the data exactly as it is keyed in.  Please be careful of spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Additionally, please be sure to select the country when inputting phone numbers.

Click “Submit!”

Then enter the necessary payment information with our payment processor. (Application Fee: $20.00 applies to all applications. Applications received without the application fee will be incomplete and not considered).  

Online Application for Admissions for Additional Students

An Online Application for Admissions must be submitted for each student in your family. Once you have successfully submitted the first Application, you will have the opportunity to begin another application.











If you need to take an English proficiency test, one can be taken here.

I hereby affirm that the information provided in this application is accurate, complete, and honest. I am committed to complying with all the rules and regulations of V3 Preparatory Academy. The application fee of $20.00 is a standard requirement for the Admissions Office and will enable me to be considered for financial aid or scholarships to support my educational expenses.

I am aware that all application fees and deposits paid are non-refundable unless stated otherwise. I am aware that if any information in this application is found to be false, V3 PREP reserves the right to withdraw the admission offer and dismiss the student without a refund.

V3 Preparatory Academy evaluates all applicants without any consideration of race, color, creed, sex, gender, sexual preference or orientation, disability, or national origin.

By typing my full name below, I understand that this is my electronic signature. The electronic signature below, along with its associated fields, holds the same validity as a physical handwritten signature on a paper form according to V3 Preparatory Academy’s policies.

To pay via EMT (email money transfers), submit the form below then email the application fee to

Application Fee: $20
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